Friday, January 14, 2011

Upcoming Events for the remaining January 2011

Hellos all,

Here's the 2 remaining events for the remaining of the month of January, apart from BAG/CG time this week :)

There will be Extended Worship on the 23rd of January, so come and experience His presence among us as we start the new year with our first Extended Worship session.

Don't scream when you see your faces on the banner, it is all for the fun and thrill to celebrate the Chinese New Year (I wish I could fit more faces in there haha) So what better way it is, than to fellowship around the table this time round, with a hot pot of soup, and scooping for balls and stuffies out from the pot. It is going to be quite massive, so come and have fun, armed with your chopsticks and bowls to come and slurp up the good fun.

It'll be on the 5th Sunday this month, on the 30th Jan :D Come hungry!

Joyce G.


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