Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Updates and Prayer Requests

This is Uncle Kim Chai standing beside his Mitsubishi, a missionary in Liquica, who drove Aunty Mui up the hills. She's pretty much left with her half her life after feeling drowsy on the way up. Poor dear.

Children hitching a ride up to their school as we headed up the hills to Emera Orphan Home

See their happy faces :)

The team, having a worship and devotion session by the beach.

The team praying for this Lutheran church which we visited while enroute to Ermera. We pray for unity in the church as well as amongst the 100 churches in East Timor.

Timorese pastor's wife and children of the Lutheran church

A happy Kaka, at Hope Orphanage posing with the star he just made from the Art & Craft Session led by Mui Fong.

The children with their stars which signify a hope for the nation

Children responded in prayer after the evangelical mime skit by the CPC Team.

The team with the kids from Hope Orphanage

The team visiting University of Timor Leste, whilst prayer walking, having an exchange with a student from the school, who's in his final year of his studies, majoring in agriculture. Pray that the young people of East Timor will dare to dream dreams for their country.

The story of the Timor Flag, where the star in the midst of the black areas represents the hope of the new nation coming out of the darkness, the yellow stripes represents the sorrow the nation went through and the red colour represents the great amount of blood shed during the war. While many Timorese have sacrificed their lives for freedom, pray that they will find the

The Parliament House and Prime Minister's office; pray that God will give the government leaders the wisdom to bring transformation to East Timor.

Tetun-English lessons taught by Siew Lee, Julie. She's a Singaporean who has been in East Timor for more than 2 years working on the “Cocoon” which is an educational project of Transformation Alliance. Pray that God will protect and strengthen all the missionaries and workers in the land.

The 4x4 SUVs, driving uphills up towards Emera. This is pretty much the most exciting portion of the journey upwards and downwards :) Uncle Chung Tat is the cool one behind the wheel!


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