Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Dear Young Adults,

Auntie Carol and myself will leave for Redding California this Saturday (9 Jan 2010) to attend the "school of healing and impartation" that is taught by Randy Clark and Bill Johnson. Besides receiving teaching on healing, we are really looking forward to the impartation sessions.

As Covenant is beginning to embrace the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit, we hope to build on the foundational knowledge gained at last year’s School of Supernatural Ministry (SSM), and allowing God to equip us in the gift of healing. We are eager to share and impart whatever we have learned to all of you when we're back.

We will return on 17 Jan 2010 (Sunday) midnight. As we will be away for two Sundays, Shaun would be manning the fort for me on the two Sundays, and you can refer to Alvin for any administrative help pertaining to the YA Ministry during the weekday.



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